Dental Implants

Oral rehabilitation with firmly anchored dentures

Dental Implants in Altlußheim

As if they were your own teeth! Implants are artificial tooth roots, which are inserted into the jaw bone and integrates firmly with it. Dental implants as a fixed and fully load-bearing dental restoration are high-quality alternative to a bridge or a removable denture. Dental implants are also suitable for stabilizing dentures in the toothless jaw.

The advantages: Natural aesthetics, highly comfortable, safe and high longevity, speaks for the treatment with dental implants. As they act as a normal tooth, they don’t rely on the support of the neighboring teeth (avoids grinding of healthy teeth), as would be necessary with a dental bridge. At the same time, further bone loss would be prevented.

The disadvantages of removable dentures: palatal coverage and feeling of a foreign body as well as impairments in eating, speaking and laughing can be circumvented by means of fixed implants. This extraordinary wearing comfort of implant-anchored restorations often leads to regained quality of life.

Our services:

  • Dental implants
  • tooth extractions

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