Professional teeth whitening in our dental practice

Bleaching (teeth whitening) in Altlußheim

Unsatisfied with your teeth color? wishing for a brighter smile? With our bleaching treatment, Jason F Harlan Zahnarztpraxis in Altlussheim whitens your teeth in a safe and effective way. The results can be seen after just a few treatments and lasts for a couple of years. Your teeth can be re-whitened again anytime you want.

Dark discolored tooth (e.g. after root canal treatment) can also be whitened using the internal bleaching procedure. 

Our services:

  • Professional whitening (whitening) – safe and effective
  • Bleaching root canal treated tooth

Giving you confidence in your smile is very important to us here at your dentist Jason F. Harlan in Altlußheim, so call us at 06205-33169 to discuss whitening options.